We love hosting gatherings in the garden.  We also happen to think that there is no better place in Central Arkansas to host an event. If you would like to bring together people in a relaxing and beautiful setting you are in the right place. You can email us for more information at dunbarcomunitygarden@gmail.com. If you are ready to rent, please read through the rental agreement, and then fill out the form below.

Garden Amenities Include:

  • 2+ acre fully fenced functioning garden with orchard
  • Livestock
  • Fire Pit
  • Greenhouse (It's lovely in candlelight!)
  • Commercial Refrigerator
  • 110 electrical outlets
  • Limited on site storage
  • Ample free parking for evening and weekend events
  • Lots of open space for setting up tents
Map by Liz Johnson, she really is the best.   

Map by Liz Johnson, she really is the best.


Boring, but important details: (blah, blah,blah)

Conditions and Responsibilities of the Renter

Security – Dunbar suggests security for all events that will charge admission, or be handling cash on site.

You can bring in your own security or we can hire them for you at the rate of $15.00 per hour. Due the night of the event.

Insurance – Event Liability Insurance is recommended. The insurance must be provided by the renter at the limits listed on our sample insurance form. If your organization carries insurance for events, please provide a certificate of liability.

If alcohol is to be served, please make sure your coverage includes Host Liquor Liability. Insurance can be purchased through Dunbar Garden.

Caterers, food trucks, and other vendors are responsible for their own coverage. We will not regulate third party vendors.

Kitchen Policy - Dunbar does not have a kitchen for public use. We will allow food storage in our commercial refrigerator.

Caterers must remove all trash, from the premises. Dunbar will compost all non-protein food items. Dunbar will also recycle cans and bottles. We strive to be a green event space. Please make every effort to accommodate. If you need help planning a green event, just ask. We would be happy to help you source low and non waste items.

Animal Policy - One of the draws of an event at Dunbar Garden is our livestock. We love sharing them with you as much as you love being up close and personal with them. We require a staff member or trained volunteer to be on hand for any event that includes feeding and petting of the animals. Please schedule the animal time with our organizer so we can schedule or staff accordingly.

Cleaning – We require the space to be clean within 2 hours of the end of the event unless other arrangements have been made with the Garden Staff.

Load in and Load Out – All load in and out must take place within the designated time frame agreed upon in the contract. We do this for scheduling purposes, not to be difficult!

Storage – If you need to leave items overnight for pick up we will gladly store your items for a fee of $25.00 per day. We cannot accept responsibility for those items if something happens to them while in storage.

Entry and Exit – Renter agrees that Dunbar Garden Staff may enter and exit the premises during the course of the event. A representative of Dunbar Garden will be on site during your entire event and will be checking periodically with the responsible parties to insure everything is running smoothly.

Lost and Found – Dunbar Garden takes no responsibility for items left on premises during or after an event. We will make every attempt to return an item to its owner. We will hold items for 30 days after an event.

Images – If you would like images of the garden to use to promote your event, simply ask. We would also like to use your images in the promotion of our event space. We understand professional photographers have limitations and we will abide by them.

Final Guest Count – Please provide your Dunbar Garden contact with a final guest count 3 days prior to your event. This helps us to prepare for your needs.

Live Music/Noise – Dunbar Garden encourages music and dancing! However, please be aware that the garden is in a residential area and neighborhood noise regulations do apply. In the event that the renter’s event creates a disturbance due to high noise volume, Dunbar Garden’s on site representative has full authority to ask the renter, DJ, or live music artist to turn down or turn off the source.

Loud music must end by 9PM on week nights and 11 PM on Friday and Saturday nights.

Privy – Dunbar Garden provides a single port-o-potty. This is sufficient for groups of 150 or less. Groups of 150 or more will be required to provide another port-o-potty or Dunbar will bring one in at your expense. We are outside after all. We are civilized but not fancy. Y


  • Rental rate $100 hr for event $50 hr for set up
  • A signed contract and date-hold deposit in the amount of 25% of rental rate must be received to reserve your date.

  • A copy of your Event Liability Insurance is due no later than 10 days prior to your event unless other arrangements are made. (this is negotiable)

The deposit is non-refundable within 1 weeks of the event, even in the event of inclement weather. This is due to the preparation we must make to get the garden ready for an event. We will work to reschedule your event.

If you are ready to move forward, please fill out the form below. There is no obligation until you pay a deposit.

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This should be self explanatory but if you need us, we are here to help.

Thank you! Will we be in touch soon.