POSITION: Urban Garden Educator

Dunbar Garden’s Mission

To provide educational resources and interactive opportunities for youth, families, and the community through sustainable urban agriculture.



Dunbar Garden is located in the Paul Laurence Dunbar neighborhood of Downtown Little Rock. We are a three acre urban farm surrounded by two public schools, a community center, and a public library.


Produce food. We cultivate three acres of mixed vegetable, fruits, and flower crops using sustainable agriculture practices.


Connect children and adults to nature. We offer environmental and nutritional education programs for children K-8 to build their comfort in the outdoors and provide them with opportunities to learn about the links between agriculture, conservation, and the environment.



Dunbar Garden is an official educational partner for Gibbs Elementary and Dunbar Middle School. We offer farm-based educational programming for kids, typically ages pre-K – 8th grade. We are seeking an Urban Garden Educator to implement a farm-based education program during the 2018-2019 school year. This position would be a great fit for an energetic person who wishes to educate the public about organic farming and farm-based environmental education. While assigned to the Dunbar Garden team this position will work closely with the Dunbar Garden Executive Director. This is an August - May position with time off during the winter holiday season.




Environmental/Nutritional Education (70%)


  • Deliver environmental/farm education programs to K-8 students using a prepared curriculum.

  • Work closely with teachers at partner schools to develop a class schedule. Maintain the class calendar and communicate regularly with teachers to update the class schedule and calendar as needed.

  • Join the Parent Teacher Organizations at each school

  • Work closely with the Executive Director to coordinate lessons with garden work.

  • Administer Evaluations at the beginning and close of the school year. Keep demographic records for each class.

  • Prepare the outdoor classroom each day.




Farming and Gardening (20%)

  • Along with your classes you will assist with planting, sowing, weeding, mulching, harvesting, seed-saving, and general maintenance and upkeep of the school garden plots.


Public Engagement (5%)

  • Deliver environmental/farm education programs to other youth groups on an occasional basis.


Other duties (5%)

  • Communicate about Dunbar Garden’s programs and memberships to the public in an effort to support our mission when necessary.

  • Perform other tasks as assigned in support of Dunbar Garden.



  • Some experience farming or gardening and/or a strong desire to learn

  • Proven knack for working with kids of all ages, primarily pre-kindergarten through eighth grade and a love for teaching students life-skills.

  • Exceptionally positive attitude

  • Two-year degree or comparable experience in the area of agriculture, sustainability, food systems, education, or environmental studies

  • Comfortable speaking in front of large groups

  • Ability to stay organized while juggling multiple time-sensitive projects

  • Consistent attention to detail

  • Ability to take direction, ask for help/clarity when necessary, and accept constructive feedback on work and technique

  • Clear, consistent communication

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Positive leadership skills

  • Ability to perform work in inclement weather, standing, sitting, bending over or kneeling, to lift heavy and awkward objects, up to 50 lbs., and to perform physical work such as digging and planting

  • Flexible, creative, and able to perform well in diverse conditions and under pressure

  • A musical inclination; video or photo editing skills; theatrical experience or any other sort of artistic expertise is a plus! Please make note of any skills you have in your cover letter.

  • Familiarity with Google Suite Apps or the willingness to learn.

  • Prefers some graphic arts skills. Proficient with creating presentations with MS Powerpoint/Google Presentation app for promoting the garden’s mission.


This position is a part-time seasonal position requiring roughly 25 hrs per week August 15 - May 31 with time off during the winter holiday season.



The Dunbar Garden is a public-private partnership with Little Rock Parks and Recreation. Applicant must be willing to submit to a background check and drug testing.



This is a seasonal, part time position, paying $17.00 per hour with access to food from the fields.


REPORTS TO: Dunbar Garden Executive Director


We are seeking to fill this position very quickly. Applications will be assessed as they are received.

Send resume and cover letter to DunbarCommunityGarden@gmail.com